It’s called the past for a reason.

Every saint has a past and ever sinner has a future.

What could be more true. Right?  If I had a dollar for every time I dwelled over something that is no longer existent, I would be naked on my own private island right now! (For those of you confused, I mean I’d be filthy rich!) It’s called the past for a reason. It’s over. Nothing you can do about it. This is mostly relationship related so bare with me… Thinking about things/people that have happened and been there before you came along is natural, but what you have to control is how you decide to handle and it accept it. Much too often, myself included, we let the past effect our present and potentially our future. Say it with me now… “STOP!!!” It is what it is. It’s obviously in the rear view mirror for a reason. We should learn to be more appreciative of the fact that we now are in the picture. Appreciate it. & DONT F*€K IT UP. Yes there will always be the one before you. The one who was the first, the one who got to share this. There will always be memories. There will always be pretty girls, skinnier girls, etc etc… But you are valuable too. They chose you and are with you for a reason. Trust that reason. Now, if your significant other is still living in the past too, then that’s another story. Grow a backbone and put your foot down

The past… It’s a bitch. Some things we wish we could erase. Some things we wish we could do 100 more times. But the main focus and lesson that should be taught is that we lived, learned, and experienced and now it’s time to move onward and forward. If you can’t let something go, then don’t start something new. Wait til the time is right and you are ready…. It’ll save you a head ache.

I am so glad I decided to do things differently this time around and wait til I was completely healed and ready to start something new. It is such a relief knowing I have no baggage and have zero explanations. I let my past be my past and holy cow am I thoroughly enjoying my present and looking forward to my future.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again….. I could not be more happier with my life and the ones who are in it.  At my age, it’s that time in your life where the circle gets smaller and it’s not so much about the quantity but the quality. You’re on my roller coaster for a reason, so thank you all for being in my prime years. And you’re welcome too 😉

Here’s to the past 🔥and cheers to the future 🍻 (solid use of emojis) 💁🏻



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